Engine Oil and Oil Filter Changed


​​​​​Test Horn


Test Headlamp Flasher


Test Hazard Warning Flasher


Test Turn Signal Indicator


Test Indicator Lamps Test


Symbol Illumination and Interior Illumination


Test Front and Rear lights


Test Windscreen Wipers


Test Windscreen Washer System


Check Lining Thickness of Brake Pads


Check Tyres for Damage and Crack Formations


Correct Tyre Inflation Pressure, including Spare Tyre


Check Thickness of Brake Shoes on the Rear Axle (through inspection hole)

Check Spark Plug Condition


​Check Wiper Blades


Check Brake Disks for Thickness and Condition


Check Front Axle Ball Joints for Play


Check Rubber Boots


Check Track Rod and Drag Link Linkage for play


Check Rubber Boots Rear Axle


Check Play of Trailing Rear Arm Mounting


Check Visible area of Poly V-Belt for wear


Check all Visible Parts for Leaks and Damage


 Correct Power Steering Fluid Level

Correct Windscreen Washer Fluid Level

Correct Brake Fluid Level

Correct Coolant Level


Check Engine Bonnet Latch and Ease of Operation


Check Headlamp Range Adjustment


System Reset Service Indicator in Instrument Cluster

Service Booked Stamped or for vehicles with Digital Service History

will be placed on-line with the Mercedes World Wide Database 

All parts fitted are Genuine Mercedes Parts and Mercedes recommended Oils